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safety construction

Safety in the workplace is of upmost importance in all our company divisions, which is why we have developed and implemented a workplace health and safety management system. We also obtained our Certificate of Recognition. Working with both our employees and trade contractors, we instill the importance of awareness in creating a safe work environment.

All our employees are supplied with First Aid, CPR, WHMS, Principles of Health and Safety, and Auditor training. Our detailed corporate safety handbook is distributed to all new employees and they are asked to read it in its entirety. Workplace instruction and job site safety meetings help us to reinforce these policies.

Safety is not simply a concept, but an attitude of awareness about what’s happening around us all day, every day. We strive to create the safest possible conditions for every job. We require our employees to familiarize themselves with all company policies, as well as the laws and regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

At every work site, our corporation insists on the following minimum requirements:

  •  Safety notices and posters are to be displayed in prominent locations.
  •  Clearances are to be obtained from all governing authorities in an area prior to excavation.
  •  All necessary protective equipment is available on site. All our projects are designated hard hat projects.
  •  Adequate first aid supplies and personnel on hand.
  •  Explosive actuated tools are operated only by those certified to do so.
  •  All hoisting, loading, platforms, staging, scaffolding, and other areas meet or exceed OHSA standards.
  •  All trade contractors will participate contractually in our safety program. This results in lower down time and compensation assessments.
  •  The in-house Safety and Loss Prevention Manual is available for anyone to review at any time.
Leeville (Moose Jaw): 306-692-0677|Frontier (Swift Current): 306-773-2974|Craftex (Lloydminster): 780-875-6262